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Deep Steam doesn’t leave behind extra moisture like you see pictured above

(Traditional Low Mass Carpet Cleaning Does).

So, what do we mean by Low Mass Steam?  Mass equals weight, If steam can be seen around the cleaning tools you are looking at low mass light weight water vapor that isn't penetrating the carpet fiber the way that it should.  When the steam vapor goes outside the wand path like in the picture?  It's because the high pressure (PSI) generated from today's cleaning rigs coupled with the light weight vapor causes the steam to bounce off of the carpet fibers instead of adding to the mass that does the actual work of cleaning your carpet.  So needless to say you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that the steam outside of the path of the carpet cleaning wand isn't being put to the intended use of cleaning your carpet, additionally if the water is outside of the path of the wand it's not being removed either.  Due to air movement in a room steam can flow with the air current around it due to the light weight nature of super hot steam.  This can also cause water to seep into your pad and sub floor with the possibilities of future mold and mildew.

Instead our Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning System has a lower temperature higher mass molecular structure that is more easily focused to the areas being cleaned.  Then add our powerful extraction engine consisting of 2 high-powered 3 stage vacuum systems that have capacity to extract 5 gallons in just 8 seconds flat! When I developed this system there were a few things that were important to me.  I wanted to be sure that I could count on color steadfastness so your colors wouldn’t run and wouldn’t fade and where carpet manufactures used to readily warranty carpet that was cleaned with conventional steam methods that is no longer the case.  I also wanted to be sure that mold and mildew would never be an issue.  Paired up with the Vortex Cleaning proprietary blend of high quality natural cleaning solutions for a non toxic and environmentally clean smell.  This allows us the benefit of leaving out unwanted and more importantly unneeded deodorizers leaving behind, no sticky residue which means carpet stays clean longer minimizing foot traffic.

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